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a particular way of thinking : a person's attitude or set of opinions about something that influence their personal behavior, actions & mental attitude.

Classroom Climate

Amborse et. al. (2010) define classroom climate as “the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical environments in which our students learn. Climate is determined by a constellation of interacting factors that include faculty-student interaction, the tone instructors set, instances of stereotyping or tokenism, the course demographics (for example, relative size of racial and other social groups enrolled in the course), student-student interaction, and the range of perspectives represented in the course content and materials” (p.170).

Text Anxiety

Sansgiry and Sail (2006) defined test anxiety as the “reaction to stimuli that are associated with an individual‟s experience of testing or evaluative situations” (p. 1). a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension before and during a test that often lowers performance.

Reading Comprehension

Snow (2002) defines reading comprehension as the process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning through interaction and involvement with written language" (p. 11).

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