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Best data backup strategy

In 2007, I destroyed my laptop. It was a fairly new MacBook. I was baking cookies for my wife and kids. After I had finished, I placed the cookies on a large plate and poured myself a large glass of milk. [...more]

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Intro It’s Saturday and I just feel like writing freely. Freely which is much different than during the week where I have been writing academically and it becomes cumbersome. University This semester has been difficult. I’m doing well, it’s just [...more]

Apps for Academics and Scholars

I love organization, and I love finding new and better ways to organize. I am always looking for the next best app or even old way of doing something to make it my way. For example, my reference management went [...more]

Spring semester reflection

Just a quick update. When I first started this blog I was almost certain that I would be posting every single day. Then, of course, reality had a different course of action. School Last week I completed my first semester [...more]

NYC 2016 (Family Vacation)

Finally took a family vacation. It has been 3 years, but we did it. I personally love NYC and was surprised my family agreed to us going. Usually they are talking about warm weather and the beach and NYC was [...more]

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